R&D Team

R&D Team

With the rapid popularization and improvement of Internet and other information technologies, the booming development of electronic products market, and the gradual maturity of MIM manufacturing technology, MIM products are rapidly promoted and widely applied in the field of electronic products. The development of medical devices also drives the promotion of MIM technology. In addition, the innovation and development of auto parts, machinery, hardware and other traditional industrial fields also effectively promoted the rapid growth of MIM market. In order to better play to the leading enterprise demonstration leading role and the MIM industry, enhance the core competitiveness of China's MIM products in the international market, break the foreign technical barriers, enhance the resource advantages of MIM industry in our province, according to the needs of the development of the market both at home and abroad, establish a scientific research, production, testing, marketing, management, integration of scientific research innovation mechanism, the company was established in 2015 "hangzhou inscription about high and new technology research and development center".

Development strategy of R&D Center

  • Making and implementing the five-year development strategic plan of Sino-MIM Technology Group: based MIM technology to rely on, make MIM industry “does to refine and strong” ,expand the scale of export trade, develop a series of products in new application fields, and establish the brand image of Sino-MIM in China's MIM industry.

  • Carrying out the scientific outlook on development, insisting on the ability of independent innovation and development. R&D Center always pays attention to the substitution effect of MIM technology in the field of complex and precise metal structural parts for mechanical processing and precision casting, and constantly improves its technical ability in feeding development, die design, automated production and so on, and also provide customized MIM parts and components in the fields of consumer electronics, automotive manufacturing and smart wear.

  • Establish the strategy of talent competition and promote the transformation of achievements; Bring in and cultivate a large number of high-level technical personnel, lay the talents pool for the follow-up development of the center, speed up the transformation of achievements of the center, and promote the use of industrialization for new products.

Operation mechanism of SMTG R&D Center

  • Implementing director responsibility system at R&D Center.

  • Well-run talent competition mechanism and incentive mechanism; R&D center on achievements and benefits. With many ways such as rewarding, promoting, raising salaries, continuing education, going abroad for further study or rewarding group shares, to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees and expand the living space of scientific technological talents.

  • Establish standardization scientific research management system.

    3.1 Establish reasonable selecting for scientific projecting and procedures for project placing.
    3.2 Strengthen project process management.
    3.3 Project manager and person in charge will be determined by bidding system or a specific way.

The research funds of R&D center are mainly self-raised by enterprise, accounting for more than 3% of the sales revenue of enterprise.

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